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Lihit Lab

Brand: Lihit Lab Model: 2261
Lihit Lab G-8801 Name Card Holder A4 For 300 cards. Comes with dividers...
Ex Tax:$24.30
Brand: Lihit Lab Model: 2263
Lihit Lab G-8802 Namecard Holder A4 For 500 cards. Comes with dividers...
Ex Tax:$28.97
Brand: Lihit Lab Model: 2265
Lihit Lab G-8803 Namecard Holder A4 For 800 cards. Comes with dividers...
Ex Tax:$35.79
LIHIT LAB Auto Punch Model No. 2001/ AA-SIX
Brand: Lihit Lab Model: 4131
LIHIT Auto Punch with length 335mm, width 505mm, height 310mm and weighing 12kg allowing you to drill a number of holes in six different pitches, saving both time and money.   Model No. Drills' Capacity 2001/AA-SIX (Come with one 5.5mm drill bit) 25..
Ex Tax:$1,308.41
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