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Brand: HK Model: 3341
2-Tier Mesh Wire Metal Tray Only available in Black..
Ex Tax:$11.96
Brand: HK Model: 1349
HK OB430 0-Ring File A4 Colour (Subject to availability):  Black, Pink Yellow, Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Translucent Orange, Clear, Translucent Purple *Assorted Colours available. Item will be delivered in any color subjected to stock availability. If you have color preference, pleas..
Ex Tax:$2.06
Brand: HK Model: 4513
HK PF Flat File FS (12s)..
Ex Tax:$8.97
Brand: HK Model: TF500
HK TF-500 U-Pin Spring File 50pcs/pack..
Ex Tax:$91.59
Brand: HK Model: 4521
HK804 Small Pencil Sharpener..
Ex Tax:$0.37
Brand: HK Model: 1509
Pencil Sharpener with container..
Ex Tax:$0.93
Brand: HK Model: 0515
30-hole Sheet Protectors A4 (10s)..
Ex Tax:$1.31
Brand: HK Model: 1723
HK 3in1 Voucher Pad 100s  ..
Ex Tax:$1.50
Brand: HK Model: 0772
Black Namecard Holder - 180 cards - 300 cards..
Ex Tax:$3.27
Brand: HK Model: 4546
HK Cash Sales Book HK91 80sheets..
Ex Tax:$1.50
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