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Brand: ITO Model: 1211
Bookends 7 inch (pair)  * Available in either blue or black. Item will be delivered in either color subjected to stock availability. If you have color preference, please specifiy in comment, and we will check availability and advise status...
Ex Tax:$4.21
Brand: ITO Model: 1132
Jumbo Paper Clips 50mm..
Ex Tax:$0.75
Brand: ITO Model: 0767
Paper Divider Colour Available in: 5 tabs (10 sets per packet) 10 tabs (5 sets per packet)..
Ex Tax:$3.27
Brand: ITO Model: 2024
Treasury Tag 7 inch Quantity: 100 per box..
Ex Tax:$4.67
Brand: ITO Model: 0267
Paper Divider Colour 12tab Quantity: 4 sets per packet..
Ex Tax:$3.74
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