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Brand: Suremark Model: 1270
Plastic Binding Ring 22mm (Box) 100pcs per box..
Ex Tax:$23.36
Brand: Suremark Model: 3989
Plastic Binding Ring 25mm 50pcs per box..
Ex Tax:$18.22
Brand: Suremark Model: 3994
Plastic Binding Ring 32mm (Box) 50pcs per box..
Ex Tax:$29.91
Brand: Suremark Model: 3998
Plastic Binding Ring 38mm 50pcs per box..
Ex Tax:$33.64
Brand: Suremark Model: 4001
Plastic Binding Ring 45mm 50pcs per box..
Ex Tax:$36.45
SQ-1201 Menu Stand
Brand: Suremark Model: SQ1201
Suremark SQ-1201 Menu Stand Size: H 100 x L 64 x W 78 mm  ..
Ex Tax:$2.99
Brand: Suremark Model: 3258
Suremark No.10 Stapler  * Available in assorted colours (blue, grey, pink etc.). Item will be delivered in either color subjected to stock availability. If you have color preference, please specifiy in comment, and we will check availability and advise status...
Ex Tax:$1.68
Suremark SQ-1202 2-Tier Letter Holder
Brand: Suremark Model: SQ1202
Suremark SQ-1202 2-Tier Letter Holder Size: H 119 x L 78 x W 149 mm  ..
Ex Tax:$6.07
Suremark SQ-1590 Star Sticker 125s
Brand: Suremark Model: 4694
Suremark SQ-1590 Star Sticker 125s   1 sheet = 25’s stars 1 pkt= 5 sheets (Assorted colour: Blue, Golden, Green, Red, Silver)..
Ex Tax:$0.93
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