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Brand: NT Model: 2464
NT Cutter Spare Blade BD100 30D 1 Packet of 5 Blades World's best selling 30-degree BD-type blade. Especially ideal for intricate jobs such as removing burrs on plastic and other factory works..
Ex Tax:$2.34
Brand: NT Model: 2466
NT Cutter-Hand L500GRP Aluminum die-cast grip. Auto-Lock type cutter for heavy-duty works...
Ex Tax:$12.15
Brand: NT Model: 4316
NT Cutter A301R comes with BA100 blade (30 degree) Cutter designed for both left and right handed users Light-Duty blades (BA-160, BA-160e, BA-160iP, BA1P, BA-170, BA-100, BA13P, BA5SS, BA-300, BA-50P, BA-1400, BA-4000, BA-4000-ON, BA-51P, BA-53P, BA-50SS)..
Ex Tax:$5.05
Brand: NT Model: 0990
NT Cutter A300GRP/ A300RP comes with BA100 blade (30 degree)..
Ex Tax:$7.48
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