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Azone Numero Uno Ringbook - A5

Azone Numero Uno Ringbook - A5
Azone Numero Uno Ringbook - A5

Azone Numero Uno Ringbook - A4

Azone Numero Uno Ringbook - A5

Size: 148×210mm
About 65 sheets

Being number one is never difficult when you're equipped with A'zone's Numero Uno series of ring books. With its vibrant range of 7 colours and high quality hammered finish, each Numero Uno notebook is certain to bring out the winner in you.

Its unique visual impact and extreme durability make it ideal for use where a strong aesthetic appeal is required without compromising performance.

And for those who are concerned with paper quality, our friendly 70gsm paper will ease their minds.

With three ISO 216 sizes of A6, A5 and A4 available, you'll easily be able to select the most suitable size for your lifestyle.

* Available in assorted colours. Item will be delivered in any color subject to stock availability. If you have color preference, please specifiy in comment, and we will check availability and advise status.

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