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ID Card Holders

Brand: Flexi Model: 1406
Badge Holder M (10s) Size available:  H-70x98.5mm V-89x127mm..
Ex Tax:$4.67
Brand: OEM Model: 1498
Badge Holder S (10s) Size available: H-89x57mm V-89X57mm..
Ex Tax:$3.74
Brand: OEM Model: 0757
Badge Holder L (10s) Size available:  H-108x76mm V-134x98.5mm..
Ex Tax:$5.61
Brand: Candor Model: 0758
Candor 55 Badge Holder Size: (V) 81x128mm (outer); 74x108mm (inner)..
Ex Tax:$0.56
Brand: HK Model: 2324
Badge Holder HK107/108 with Zip (10s) Sizes available: HK107 (Vertical) 65x95mm (Inner) HK108 (Horizontal) 95x65mm (Inner)..
Ex Tax:$3.27
Brand: OEM Model: 4522
Badge Holder V No.LX41 with Zip Sizes available: Credit Card Size..
Ex Tax:$5.14
Brand: OEM Model: Szip
Badge Holder S with ziplock (10s) Sizes available: H: 94x56mm V: 60x90mm..
Ex Tax:$5.61
Brand: OEM Model: Lzip
Badge Holder L with ziplock (10s) Sizes available: H: 110x70mm V: 78x106mm..
Ex Tax:$6.07
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