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Surebind / Velobind Strip

GBC Surebind Velobind Strip 25mm (1 inch) - Box
Brand: GBC Model: Surebind_25mm
GBC Surebind / Velobind 10-Pin Strips Designed for use with GBC SureBind machines when you need a fully secure binding solution, SureBind Binding Strips feature 10 pins that form a permanent bond to keep confidential reports and classified documents safe and tamper-proof. Available in 3 sizes, they..
Ex Tax:$155.05
GBC Velobind Strip 25mm EVB (1 inch) - Box
Brand: GBC Model: 3718
GBC Velobind Strips 4-Prong 25mm EVB (1 inch) - Box Designed for use with the DeskTop VeloBind, VeloBind Binding Strips feature 4 pins that form a durable binding for up to 200 A4 sheets. The strips are ideal for documents that need to be edited or updated as the pins simply unlock to add or remove ..
Ex Tax:$21.83
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