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Clips, Fasteners & Pins

Brand: Square Model: 3939
625 Square Paper Clip 25mm Quantity: 100pcs/small box..
Ex Tax:$0.46
Brand: ITO Model: 1132
Jumbo Paper Clips 50mm..
Ex Tax:$0.92
Lihit F-8Cl Stick Fastener Lihit F-8Cl Stick Fastener
Brand: Lihit Model: 2259
Lihit F-8Cl Stick Fastener..
Ex Tax:$4.31
Brand: Flexi Model: 1400
Triangle Paper Clips 31mm..
Ex Tax:$0.73
Brand: 3L Model: 3L Multi Tabs
3L Multi Tabs 25mm 64 Tabs   Self-adhesive precut index tabs, write- on or type-on..
Ex Tax:$3.03
Brand: Flexi Model: 1399
Flexi F10013 U Pin File Fastener Quantity: 10pcs per Pack..
Ex Tax:$6.51
Brand: Bindermax Model: 0585
Metal Paper Fastener (50sets) The Brand Bindermax is no longer available. The metal fasteners will be in other OEM brands...
Ex Tax:$3.85
Brand: OEM Model: 3217
Binder Clips 15mm (Box of 12 pcs)..
Ex Tax:$0.64
Brand: OEM Model: 3218
Binder Clips 19mm (Box of 12 pcs)..
Ex Tax:$0.73
Brand: OEM Model: 2106
Binder Clips 25mm (Box of 12 pcs)..
Ex Tax:$1.01
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