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Brand: OEM Model: 3798
Hard Acrylic Plastic Ruler 12Inch..
Ex Tax:$1.40
Brand: Linex Model: 2268
Five plastic scales, in fan format, stored within a handy case...
Ex Tax:$9.81
Brand: OEM Model: 2796
Plastic Ruler (S) 6inch..
Ex Tax:$0.37
Brand: OEM Model: 2797
Plastic Ruler (S) 8inch..
Ex Tax:$0.47
Brand: Uchida Model: 3350
Uchida Tri Scale Ruler No. 3011..
Ex Tax:$11.22
Astar WH808 Mathematics Instrument Set
In Stock
Brand: Astar Model: 0373
Astar WH808 Mathematics Instrument Set Compass, 6 inch ruler, Protractor , 45s Triangle, 60s Triangle, Pencil, eraser and sharpener...
Ex Tax:$2.34
Brand: Astar Model: 3081
Long Plastic Ruler 30cm (12 inches)..
Ex Tax:$0.56
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