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Card Stand

Card Stand, acrylic stand, L-stand, V-Stand, T-stand, plastic stand

Brand: Flexi Model: 1927
 L24 L-Shape Card Stand Size: 150X57mm Thickness: 2mm..
Ex Tax:$2.31
Brand: Flexi Model: 1929
L26 L-Shape Stand Size: 200X77 mm Thickness: 2mm..
Ex Tax:$2.59
Brand: Flexi Model: 1930
L27 L-Shape Stand  Size: 250X77 mm Thickness: 2mm..
Ex Tax:$3.43
SQ-1201 Menu Stand
Brand: Suremark Model: SQ1201
Suremark SQ-1201 Menu Stand Size: H 100 x L 64 x W 78 mm  ..
Ex Tax:$3.24
Suremark SQ-1202 2-Tier Letter Holder
Brand: Suremark Model: SQ1202
Suremark SQ-1202 2-Tier Letter Holder Size: H 119 x L 78 x W 149 mm  ..
Ex Tax:$6.20
Brand: Flexi Model: 1935
V10 V-Shape Stand Size: W85XH52mm Thickness: 2mm..
Ex Tax:$2.96
Brand: Flexi Model: 1936
V11 V-Shape Stand Size:W120XH50mm Thickness:2mm..
Ex Tax:$3.24
Brand: Flexi Model: 1937
V12 V-Shape Stand Size: W150XH55mm Thickness: 2mm..
Ex Tax:$3.70
Brand: Flexi Model: 1938
V14 V-Shape Stand Size:W200XH75mm Thickness: 2mm..
Ex Tax:$5.00
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