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Document Case

Brand: OEM Model: 4169
A4 Button Envelope ..
Ex Tax:$0.84
Brand: Wen Model: 0300
F118 PVC Data Envelope with Base, String A4 Envelope type document bag..
Ex Tax:$0.70
Brand: Kam Model: 2081
Kam KS53 Soft Zip Bag (Small) 2s..
Ex Tax:$0.93
Brand: Kam Model: 2083
Transparent Soft Zip Bag (A4) 2s..
Ex Tax:$2.34
Brand: Kam Model: 2082/3844
Transparent Soft Zip Bag (A5) 2s..
Ex Tax:$1.68
Brand: Yes Model: 0501
Transparent Soft Zip Bag (B5) 2s..
Ex Tax:$1.96
Brand: Kam Model: 0498
Transparent Soft Zip Bag B4 (2s)..
Ex Tax:$3.08
Brand: Flexi Model: 2090
Zipped Mesh Bag Sizes Available: A6 Mesh Bag: A pencil case that can be used to put general stationery items. B6 Mesh Bag - Suitable for keys, phones etc. A5 Mesh Bag - Great for meetinggs. Suitable for keys, phones, pens, desktop calculators etc. A4 Mesh Bag - Great for meetinggs...
Ex Tax:$1.22
Brand: Astar Model: 0362
Astar H109N PVC Data Envelope with String B6 Suitable for cheque books...
Ex Tax:$0.65
Cardboard Box File F4
Brand: OEM Model: 0766
Cardboard Box File F4..
Ex Tax:$8.32
Brand: OEM Model: 0356
Cloth Mesh Bag 3023 B5 Size: 300 x 230mm..
Ex Tax:$2.24
Brand: OEM Model: 0357
Cloth Mesh Bag 3519 A5 Size: 250 x 190mm..
Ex Tax:$1.87
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