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Brand: HK Model: 4513
HK PF Flat File FS (12s)..
Ex Tax:$10.64
Brand: HK Model: TF500
HK TF-500 U-Pin Spring File 50pcs/pack Dimension: Foolscap..
Ex Tax:$92.57
Brand: Kokuyo Model: 2199
Kokuyo KFA41F Inner File A4 (10s)..
Ex Tax:$18.90
Plus Zero Max 89349 Expandable File (20pcs) Plus Zero Max 89349 Expandable File (20pcs)
Brand: Kokuyo Model: 0507
Plus Zero Max 89349 Expandable File Quantity: 20pcs per pack (Single Colour) Space-saving, Expandable Spine Folders. Spine adjusts from 1 cm to 10 cm Stores up to 1,000 documents Eco-friendly. Made from recycled material. Space-saving Other archive files create dead space even when they contain o..
Ex Tax:$60.28
Brand: Centre Model: 0947
Centre F-632 Paper Spring File (10s)..
Ex Tax:$7.43
Brand: Centre Model: 0950
Centre F-635 Pocket File (10s)..
Ex Tax:$6.70
Brand: Centre Model: 0951
Centre F-636 Document Folder (10s)..
Ex Tax:$5.32
Brand: Centre Model: 0945
Centre Paper Inner File (10s) Paper fasteners sold separately. Available in A4 size and Folscap size.  ..
Ex Tax:$3.76
Brand: Bindermax Model: 0585
Metal Paper Fastener (50sets) The Brand Bindermax is no longer available. The metal fasteners will be in other OEM brands...
Ex Tax:$3.85
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